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Memini is a language learning app with a twist. The app teaches users a foreign language by getting users to identify foreign words they knew then asked users to translate a book in a foreign language, the words the users translated incorrectly were then exported to a repetitive game to help users remember the words and the associated meaning.
I joined the team as a Junior Designer and learnt a lot along the way. Working with this team of talented creatives was engaging to say the least. I was tasked with re-designing the language learning app, which users disliked, found hard to use/ hard to navigate around and did not use, even though the concept was amazing.
Make the language learning app as engaging as the language learning games (stand-alone apps).
To order to create engagement I decided to use the “tinder swipe” functionality, allowing users to swipe left and right to identify if they knew the foreign word, and redesigned the rest of the app and changed the design system to bring it into the 21st century.