Jerneva is a very talented designer and was an integral part of our team at Savvy. She was responsible for the fantastic redesign of our web app, delivering a product that was both highly functional and user friendly. I would definitely recommend her work to any business looking for a UI/UX designer.

Alex Pritchard-Smith | COO


Jerneva is a very talented individual. We have worked together at Savvy Property Technology. She has started as our second designer and quickly became our lead designer. Our customers and users noticed a big change in our products, in the user-focused design solutions and the new feel of the mobile apps. With these skills and positive mindset, I am confident that she is an asset to any employer!

Ionut | Head of Product

RG Group

One of the best UX/UI Designers I’ve ever had a chance to work with! Knows her stuff! Very knowledgeable.

Charlotte Rogers | Project Manager

Discovery education

Jerneva is a smart and creative designer who is a joy to work with. She puts users' needs first, always seeks data to inform her work and never loses sight of business goals.

Dessy Chongarova | Lead User Researcher

Discovery Education

I have had the privilege of hiring Jerneva to join the UX team at Discovery Education UK. She was tasked to work on one of DEUK’s most ambitious and complicated projects and she really excelled in it. Stakeholders and her peers raved about her amazing user-focused design solutions, work ethic and the speed and accuracy in which she produced deliverables such as wireframes, prototypes and polished UI designs. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Jerneva and know she will be an excellent asset and addition to any team.

Kam Maisuria | Head of UX/UI

In-House Connect

Jerneva has been one of my first point of reference when it comes to the service(s) she provides. She has always given me professional consultation and quality work no matter the type of projects I give her. Jerneva has a very good team that works with her and when it comes to outlining and breaking down the process of my projects; it is done with professional simplicity so that I can understand and keep up with her forecasted deadline(s) I would recommend anyone to work with or use Jerneva services for honest and excellent results.

Deavon Fyffe | Director


I have been working with Jerneva for 2 years plus, which have been very pleasant. Working with Jerneva has been extremely inspiring, her skills, experience and hard working attitude are qualities I truly admire as there is not a moment when the project is not moving forward or making great progress. Jerneva's ability to find other members to increase the team is flawless and gratifying. In the IT industry it is very difficult to find an individual whom you can be on the same page, same book and shelf. My projects are long term and i would never consider working with someone else as i look forward to the growth of both parties. If one is considering creating a great project that will be reliable, unique and outstanding then look no further.

Aaron Thomas | Founder

Know Someone

Jerneva has been pivotal in the growth of my idea, fundamental from start to where we are today. Initially, i was reluctant to use anyone that didn’t know or understand me or my idea, however I took the plunge & began working with Jerneva after a recommendation. I can honestly say that without Jerneva my initial idea would not be where it is today. I thought Jerneva would ultimately work on what I had as a vision, however Jerneva took the time out to understand me first, then my business model, then Jerneva undertook extensive market research into my product & the potential users before even putting the initial concept together. By Jerneva doing this, we were able to sculpt our initial designs to fit the user profile based on Jerneva’s research - & what a difference that made. The actual designs, going through to a clickable prototype were second to none. Slick, professional & extremely detailed. Jerneva took my idea & made it better then I thought was possible. The regular calls & email updates always kept me up to date with where Jerneva was at with my project & as a result of all of this, I have a product that is beyond the scope I first imagined. Thank you to Jerneva for her hard work, dedication & endless skills.

Ali Watson | CEO