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I worked as the lead UX/UI Designer at Overshot. This fanatic app gave secondary school students ownership over their education, education outcomes, subject by subject targets and kept them on track.
I worked amongst a small team of developers, designers and project managers to bring this beauty to life. We dived deep into the product, market and technical challenges, and making sure we understood the user, the changes they personally experience from the start of secondary to the end and how the app could grow with them along the way.
I was personally responsible for leading a small design team and designing branding (stationary and social media), the Overshot website, app and avatars.
All of this was created and implemented within 3 weeks to prepare for a funding pitch.
Creating an engaging app that will motivate teenagers to do better. The concept envisioned was an app that included personalisation to put the user to meet their goals, e.g. if a user-supported Spurs for example, if they were doing bad, their avatar would be wearing an Arsenal shirt to motivate them to get the avatar back into the spurs shirt.