OVO Energy

Who are they and what was my role

What do they do?

OVO Energy is one of  the leading energy suppliers in the UK. I have been working at OVO since September 2022 as a Contract Senior Product Designing within the Billing Pay Collect team. Our main objectives is to create digital platforms in relation to payment, debts and anytime financial.

I joined the team using the cost of living crisis and energy crisis so I have been working on products that can really impact the public. When working on such products I have had to look at the problems holistically as if I were to simply design for what’s happening today, when the financial and energy crisis’ are over the products may not be relevant.

This has been an extremely interesting, rewarding and challenging domain to work in, but who does not like a challenge?

What projects did you work on
In the below case studies I will be discussing the most interesting products I have worked on.